The Studio

  • The home studio has a modern and relaxing atmosphere surrounded by a garden view for an enjoyable practice.

  • When weather permits, classes can be held on the terrace or in the garden as you practice the sound of chirping birds. My family cat, Zinkie, may even join us...

  • The maximum yogis per class are 16.

  • Please confirm your attendance by paying for a class or top up your package.

  • 24 hours cancellation notice applies.

  • Wash your hands upon arrival with provided sanitizing gel.

  • Your health and safety are a priority. Please respect common-sense sanitary rules.

  • Bear in mind that your yogi peers beside you may have underlying health conditions (auto-immune disease, cancer patients or survivors, chronic respiratory disease, weakened immune system, etc.).

  • Zoom option is available but I need a 24-hour notice. Spots near my mat could be broadcasted on Zoom airing but will not be recorded.



  • Please bring your own yoga mat and equipment (straps, blocks, towels, water bottle, blanket, etc.) 


  • The use of block, bolsters and yoga straps is for those who need more support and to make certain poses more accessible. 

  • Blankets are to keep you comfortable when you cool down and relax in a well-deserved Savasana at the end of a session, especially in Yin Yoga. 

  • The studio's oak parquet flooring is cleaned and disinfected regularly. The practice studio is regularly aired before, during, and after class, as a way to reduce the spread of air-borned diseases.

Hybrid - Yoga in the Garden & Zoom

When the weather allows, classes could be taught outdoors in the garden, with a Zoom option for those who prefer to practice at the comfort of their homes. Please note that spots close to my mat could be broadcasted on Zoom but are not recorded.


A mask is not required for outdoor studio practice. Please leave a 2 meters space around your mat. 

Yoga in the Garden Price is the same as indoor studio class.

​I look forward to having you 'LIVE' or 'Face to face' in my class!

See you soon & Namaste


Discover the studio

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