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  • Wear form-fitting but comfortable outfits made from very stretchable and breathable materials. Slow vinyasa and vinyasa classes require breath coordination with lots of movements like twisting, bending, and possibly inversions.

  • If you wear leggings, do a mirror check to make sure they are not see-through / not transparent. If wearing shorts, please make sure they are snug fitting (Eg: biker shorts)

  • If you are coming to an early morning class, you may eat a light breakfast at least 1.5 hours before class. For other classes, 2 hours before.

  • Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class starts to settle onto your mat. Perhaps take a few moments to calm your mind and meditate to bring awareness and presence to your whole self.

  • Arrange your bags and belongings in the lockers. Switch off your cell phones. On cold days, you may keep your socks until you get on the mat.

  • YIN Yoga students should wear comfortable and warm outfits as it is a "still practice": warm sweaters, leg warmers, extra thick socks, and scarves! Please bring a blanket.

  • Be mindful of other yogis and avoid loud conversations in the practice studio. 

  • Do make a trip to the loo before class as a full bowel would make certain poses uncomfortable to do.

  • You could drink a little before class. Avoid drinking large amounts of water before and during practice as this might make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Remember that yoga is non-competitive and you should not feel pain during practice. Keep an open mind, listen to your body, and let the energy flow.  

  • Let me know if you have any questions at all!

N A M A S T E  !

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