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Online yoga classes


Practice with Siew Yue now with her online classes!

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There are over 30 classes to choose from, to suit your mood and needs. 

  • Slow Vinyasa

  • Vinyasa 

  • Yin Yoga

  • English

  • English & French

All classes are 100% online and in a 1-hour format so you get a full practice in, just like at the studio.

Siew Yue has included additional tips for you to extend your yoga practice off the mat, at the end of each class.


Discover a range of suggestions to incorporate into your routine for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Yoga Lifestyle 

  • Physical Lifestyle 

  • Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Breathwork & Meditation.


It is easy and convenient

if you travel often

if you have a busy schedule

if you are simply too far from where Siew Yue is teaching.



Get online access to full classes WHENEVER you want, WHEREVER you are, and as OFTEN as you want!

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