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Siew Yue Rivaux

Yoga teacher

My Journey

Originally from Malaysia, I have been moving around the globe with my wonderful French husband and 4 boys for the past 22 years. I started my traveling adventures in the United States, France, Dubai and recently back to France in the west suburbs of Paris. 

My entrepreneurship, international HR and psychology background brought me to create various companies related to people-support. Having a big family made me a more conscious to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I practiced everything I could from stand-up paddle (SUP), surf, SUP-surf, scuba-dive, fitness classes and yoga.

My own yoga practice is inspired by exploring movements to create challenging flows and nourishing Yin. It is all about finding a balanced practice with intention and attention, on and off the mat. I enjoy inspiring the others to improve their long-term wellness and fitness goals.  


2016 - 2019 : Dubai, UAE and Paris, France.  

RYT 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Gemma Vassallo, YACEP. 

RYT 200 hour Inquire and Inspire Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by Erica Blitz, E-RYT 500.

- RYT 15 hour GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training by founder Greville Henwood, E-500 RYT RCYT.

Yoga adjustment workshop by Dina Ghandour, Certified Jivamukti teacher.

- Arm balance, handstand and Yin Yoga workshops by Gemma Vassallo, YACEP.

Handstand workshop by Neha Duseja, RYT 300.



Yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of flexibility, age, or fitness level. A regular yoga practice will help build strength, flexibility, and reduce stress. Thus you will benefit from an enhanced healthy and balanced lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Slow Vinyasa

A slow paced, alignment-based class with breathing exercises to get comfortable on the mat. Synchronization of the breath with a creatively designed flow will leave your mind and body feeling centered, focused, calm and refreshed.


Beginners to all levels. 

- 60 min class

Click to watch Slow Vinyasa video


Faster paced, dynamic, and fun class to challenge your mind and body. Adapted to the student's level, the synchronization of the breath with a creatively designed flow will leave you feeling strong, energized and renewed. Be prepared to sweat a little.


All levels. 

- 75 min class

Click to watch Vinyasa video

Yin Yoga

A still, deep and profound meditative practice. It involves mindful stretching on the floor with poses held from 2 to 10 minutes. Poses usually target the hips, legs, spine, and sometimes upper body. Good complement to improve any dynamic yoga practice or sports. Students will ultimately know themselves better through sensations, feelings and emotions.


Some benefits:

- May reduce stress,

- Good alternative for meditation,

- May maintain or improve flexibility and everyday movements,

- May help to deeply relax,

- May help boost the flow of energy,

- May improve mind and body balance,

- May be an alternative if you have injuries that prevent you from practicing sports or dynamic yoga,

- Women may find an alternative temporary relief to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or menopause.

All levels. 

60 min class

Click to watch Yin video




Monday           9h15 - 10h15       Slow Vinyasa

                       10h45 - 12h00     Vinyasa


Wednesday    9h30 - 10h30     Slow Vinyasa



Thursday       20h30 - 21h30    Yin Yoga                                            

Friday               9h15 - 10h30     Vinyasa

                        11h00 - 12h15       Vinyasa


Saturday         9h00 - 10h00     Slow Vinyasa

                        10h15 - 11h30        Vinyasa

                        11h45 - 13h00       Vinyasa


Classes restart September 2, 2020


Book a private individual or small group class with a maximum of 12 people.

We can work on specific themes for you to progress faster in your practice: increase strength, weight loss, flexibility, reduce stress, etc.

Your practice will be more personalized and bonding within your own group: your circle of friends, anniversaries, birthdays, life events, etc.


Bring yoga to your corporate environment and have happier, healthier employees to increase productivity and efficiency.

Great for team building events at your offices, in small groups at the studio, or bigger groups in the garden.

Small group class

  • Each class is kept small so that I can work closely with each of you and help you advance in your practice.

  • Classes are in English but instructions will be given in French if needed.

  • Book your spot in advance to guarantee a mat. 

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before class, a class will be charged as there are limited spots. This allows other yogis on waiting list to book their spots.

DSCF3194-2 (2).jpg




Discovery (first class and one time only)                -              €   15


Single class                                                                   -              €   20


5 class pass valid 2 months                                        -              €   95     (€ 19/class)

10 class pass valid 3 months                                      -              €  180    (€ 18/class)

20 class pass valid 4 months                                     -              € 340    (€ 17/class)


1 person                                                                          -              € 80

2  to 4 people                                                                -              € 100 / class

5 to 6 people                                                                 -              € 130 / class

  • Group classes are held during school terms only. Classes, workshops and retreats offered during school holidays, at an additional cost. 

  • All passes expire on specified validity date or in July 2021.

  • All passes are not transferable or  refundable


Siew Yue Yoga Studio

Indoor Studio CLOSED until further notice.  


Your yoga practice during COVID-19 pandemic :

  • Yogis are invited to keep their belongings in the lockers and can bring bottle of water into the class. 

  • A private changing corner is available for those who need to change before or after class. 

  • The practice studio has the capacity to fit 15 people comfortably. It has a modern and relaxing atmosphere surrounded by the garden for you to fully immerse into your practice.

  • When weather permits, day-time classes can be held on the terrace in the lush green garden with the sound of chirping birds. My family cat, Zinkie, may even join us outside....

  • Just show up as all equipment will be provided. For those who want to bring their own mats are welcome to do so. 

  • Oak parquet flooring that is cleaned regularly. 

  • High quality eco-certified safe PVC Prolite Manduka yoga mats are free from toxins and harmful substances. The mats are closed-celled, which means they do not absorb sweat. They are cleaned with organic cleaning solution and essential oils after every class.

  • Natural cork blocks, bolsters and yoga straps for those who need more support and to make certain poses more accessible. 

  • Soft Peruvian blankets and aromatheraphy with organic essential oils for a well-deserved Savasana at the end of the session. 

After class, yogis are welcome to enjoy our daily homemade non-treated lemon-infused water and a selection of organic green tea....


High quality blocks, yoga strap, and eco-certified safe mat.


High quality Prolite Manduka mats.


Practice with bright garden view.


Contemporary yoga vibe.


Siew Yue Yoga

Studio and equipment
Studio and equipment

Cosy and modern atmosphere.


Peruvian cotton blanket for sweet Savasana on cold days...


For more support and to make certain poses more accessible.

Studio space
Studio space

Modern and cosy space for a relaxing or dynamic practice !



  • Wear form-fitting but comfortable outfits made from very stretchable and breathable materials. Slow vinyasa and vinyasa classes require breath coordination with lots of movements like twisting, bending, and possibly inversions.

  • If you wear leggings, do a mirror check to make sure they are not see through / not transparent. 

  • If you are coming to an early morning class, you may eat a light breakfast at least 1.5 hours before class. For other classes, 2 hours before.

  • Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class starts to settle onto your mat. Perhaps take a few moments to calm your mind and meditate to bring awareness and presence to your whole self.

  • Arrange your belongings in the lockers, including your footwear and cell phone. On cold days, you may keep your socks until you get on the mat.

  • YIN Yoga students should wear comfortable and warm outfits as it is a "still practice": warm sweaters, leg warmers, extra thick socks, and scarves !

  • Be mindful with other yogis and avoid loud conversations in the practice studio. 

  • Do make a trip to the loo before class as a full bowel would make certain poses uncomfortable to do.

  • You could drink a little before class. Avoid drinking large amounts of water before and during practice as this might make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Remember that yoga is non-competitive and you should not feel pain during practice. Keep an open mind, listen to your body, and let the energy flow.  

  • Let me know if you have any questions at all !

N A M A S T E  !



Siew Yue Yoga Studio

5 avenue Edmond Blanc,

78170 La Celle Saint Cloud, France.

(by appointment only)


+33 7 67 37 16 91

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