Workshop to progress and adapt your practice


Siew Yue organizes workshops throughout the year. Workshops focus on ways to progress and adapt specific poses to your practice.


You will learn about body conditioning, movement drills and asana breakdowns.


It also helps you understand on how to adapt yoga asanas to your body and what you can do to build strength and flexibility to do the asanas. This is a good way to work differently on your yoga practice.


A workshop usually lasts 2.5 to 3 hours.

She has taught numerous workshops in handstands, arm balances and Yin Yoga.


A Yin Yoga workshop usually incorporâtes a longer meditation session, breathing techniques (pranayama), chanting with a specific theme and Yin poses.


It is great to relieve stress, body recovery and flexibility.  


Feel free to message Siew Yue if your would like her to teach a specific workshop !


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