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Yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of flexibility, age, or fitness level. A regular yoga practice will help build strength, flexibility, and reduce stress. Thus you will benefit from an enhanced healthy and balanced lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Headstand in a Vinyasa class

Faster-paced, dynamic and fun class to challenge your mind and body.


An all-levels class, you are guided to synchronize your breath to a creatively designed flow. You get to work on advanced poses such as inversions and arms balances. Options are given to those who would like to take it easy. Class flows are new every week. It is practiced with music, tailor-made to suit the class.


This class will leave you feeling strong, energized and inspired. Be prepared to have fun and to sweat a little.

Some benefits

  • Strengthen physical body and mind

  • Create a better mind and body connection

  • Maintain and improve flexibility / your body’s range of motion to avoid injuries  

  • Reduce stress through meditation and breathing exercises, pranayama 

  • Build stamina and willpower


All levels. 

75 min class

Watch a preview of a Vinyasa class in English.

Be guided in the warm up towards Wide legged forward bend, Prasarita padottanasana C, with an option for Tripod headstand, Sirsasana 2.

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