Yoga in the Garden & Studio

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.

For classes in September 2020, the studio will operate as follows. 


These rules set by the French Authority are to be implemented for individual sports practiced in a group setting, indoors and outdoors. It is to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and to better protect your health and the teacher's. 


When weather permits, classes will be held in the garden. Yogis should maintain sufficient space of 4 sqm. of space around their own mats. 


If it rains or gets too cold, classes will be taught in the studio with a maximum of 10 yogis to maintain the recommended space in between each person.  


It is mandatory to :

- Arrive in your yoga outfit. 

- Your belongings should be kept to a minimum and placed beside your mat.

- Phones turned off and stored away.

- Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival. 

- Have your temperature taken upon arrival (not more than 37.5°C).

- Wear a mask upon arrival. 

- It is advisable to keep your mask on during an indoor class. It may seem uncomfortable initially but it gets easier with practice. Windows and sliding doors are opened whenever possible for air ventilation. 

- Wear your mask when class is over.

- Wash or sanitize your hands when class is over. 


Bring your own :

- Yoga mat. 

- Water bottle.

- Towel if needed.

- Blocks / equivalent if needed.

- Straps / bathrobe belt / your kid's karate, judo belt if needed.

- Light blanket for Yin Yoga.

Following the guidelines above will allow everyone to practice in a safer environment. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts to set your mat. Sanitizing gels will be available upon arrival, for your use, before and after class. Door handles, surfaces and floor are frequently cleaned to protect everyone's safety and health. 

Thank you for your support in making Siew Yue Yoga a place for us to practice safely. 

See you on the mat & Namaste,

Siew Yue

Last updated August 2020.

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Photos: Ydrk and Anne-Laure Roy